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Professional squirrel trap, this trap has a clear plastic sliding rear door to aid release of the accidental captives, birds, hedgehogs and the like, Ideal for catching the more difficult squirrels. As used by local authorities and pest control companies

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Professional grey squirrel trap,The only humane and effective defence against squirrel damage in your loft or garden. Humane live capture so inadvertently trapped animals such as red squirrels, cats, hedgehogs or birds can be released without harm or injury.

The Professional Squirrel Trap comes fully assembled and ready to use with detailed setting instructions. Can also be used to securely carry the squirrel with out it getting out in your car or biting your fingers. Wear heavy gauntlet type work gloves (available here) while handling the squirrel and trap.

pro gold squirrel trap is easy to open and set

With all the same excellent features as our standard squirrel trap but much much stronger galvanised wire mesh (12gauge), a larger treadle plate, clear plastic rear sliding door for easier release and baiting, much stronger zinc plated spring, all these added features make This Squirrel Trap the professionals choice, as used by local authorities, universities, collages, hire shops and pest control companies. This Trap is designed to be used day in day out all year, strong enough to withstand misuse, heavy enough not to be inadvertently squashed under someone's boot, just that bit better than the run of the mill so called squirrel traps, this squirrel trap will last and last, Full 12 month guarantee, if it breaks under normal use we will fix it or replace it.


Pro gold squirrel trap door setting base of door should just  rest on the end of the setting bar

Your first step to catch your Grey Squirrel is to do a little detective work. Find the path that the squirrel is using to your loft or where ever it shouldn't be. To find this path, you must first watch your grey squirrel's routine. Normally, a grey squirrel will leave the nest at daybreak or shortly after in search of food. If you can get up this early and stay awake it's the best time to watch and wait. Find a place where you can view your house and the squirrel's entrance hole. Be very still, and watch how the squirrel gets to or from it's home to your's. E.g. climbing, jumping or both. Once you discover this path, you should place the squirrel trap accordingly.


Choosing your trap.

If your grey squirrel is bounding around your garden use our humane squirrel trap pictured above, simple & effective.

If the squirrel is in your loft, waking you up at some un-holy hour use our squirrel trap loft kit this contains everything you need.

If your squirrel has a set route every day try our runthrough squirrel trap as this requires no baiting but is more difficult to set.


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